Why You Should Register for Internship & How To Do It

JWU student interns plates gourmet meal.

JWU student interns plates gourmet meal.

Why Do An Internship?

Employers seek candidates who have gained experience in the field. Internship gives you an opportunity to gain that experience and become viable in a competitive job market. Students who have completed internship tell us all the time how it opened their minds to various sectors of industry and that the skills gained on internship help to prepare them for their careers.


Experiential Education & Career Services—Prepares & Supports You

At JWU, internship is a three pronged approach, your experiential education coordinator supports you while you register and apply for internships and connects you with a faculty advisor while providing support to you as well as your internship employer supervisor.


Academic Credit

Internships at JWU are for academic credit; so you register for them just as you would any course. Once registered, we assist you in your internship search which is just like going through the job search process. You apply, interview, and hopefully get chosen by your first choice site!


Follow These Steps When Considering Internship

  1. Plan your graduation requirements carefully
  2. Choose a term you would like to complete internship; there are limited spots each term so don’t delay
  3.  Go to https://link.jwu.edu click on Academics > Course Registration
  4. Click on the Grad Planning System icon
  5.  Ensure the term you choose does not conflict with your other course requirements
Student gets interview at JWU's career expo.

Student gets interview at JWU's career expo.


Types of Internships 

There are two types of internships; required and optional with a few differences and you cannot register for internship if you have a hold on your account.


Required Internship

  • There is a deadline to register. Register between mid-January until the end of February
  • If you do not register by the deadline, EE&CS will place you in a term
  • You must complete certain course requirements prior to internship; review your GPS for details specific to your major.
  •  All required internships are 13.5 credits

Here is a list of required internship course numbers and their associated majors:

  • BPA2626 Baking & Pastry Arts, A.S.
  • CUL2626 Culinary Arts, A.S.
  • BPA4199 Baking & Pastry Arts
  • CUL4198 Culinary Nutrition
  • HOSP3099 Hotel & Lodging Management
  • MCST3899 Media & Communications Studies
  • FSM3099 Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management
  • RMGT4099 Risk Management
  • SEE3099 Sports/Entertainment/Event Management
  • TRVL3099 Tourism & Hospitality Management


Optional Internship

  • Registration opens mid-January and closes one month before each term
  • Identify if you have available electives for an optional internship
  • Optional Internships can be either 4.5, 9, or 13.5 credits depending on your major

Here is a list of optional internship course numbers and their associated majors:

  • ACCT4099 Accounting
  • ADVC4099 Advertising
  • CJS 3099 Criminal Justice
  • ENTR4099 Entrepreneurship
  • EQN4099 Equine
  • FISV4099 Finance
  • HOSP4099 Hosp. Mgmt., Baking & Pastry/Food Serv. Mgmt. Culinary Arts/Food Serv. Mgmt.,    Travel Tourism & Hosp.
  • IBUS4099 International Business
  • LIBS3099 Liberal Studies
  • MCST3899 Media & Communication Studies
  • MGMT4099 Management
  • MRKT4099 Marketing
  • RTL4099 Retail
  • SEE3099 Sports/Entertainment/Event Management
  • TECX4099 Tech Experiential Education


Ready to Register? Follow These Steps:

  • Go to https://link.jwu.edu click on Academics > Course Registration
  • Register for Courses > Select Term
  • Add Subject & Course Number
  • Choose Campus (if an option)
  • Look up Internship Course
  • Click Add
  • Enter CRM (e.g.; 20134)
  •  Under Summary click Submit


Learn More

Visit Experiential Education & Career Services to learn more. We offer one-on-one advising, Internship 101 Workshops, and a variety of resources to assist you in building your resume to successfully launch your career after graduation.