Gilbane Internship Success Story

Alia Sasa '18

Johnston, RI



Human Resources Management



Gilbane, Corporate Human Resources Intern


Hired Upon Graduation

JWU students does Sun Devils internship

What is most important is that you research the company values and corporate culture and feel as though they match your own personal beliefs

Company Profile

Gilbane started as a small carpentry business in 1873 that flourished through a hard-earned reputation for quality and dedication to excellence. As a global integrated construction and facility management services firm, their clients entrust them to deliver the projects that will build their futures. Forbes ranks Gilbane as the 111th largest privately held company in the US with annual revenue reported at $3.9 billion.


What did you do?

I worked on a variety of projects. Some tasks I completed included a benchmarking project in which I researched onboarding and orientation practices of competitors. This information will be used to help identify trends being used to reduce turnover in new hires, and support their integration into company culture. I updated the new hire survey responses in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which helps Gilbane manage company talent and determine areas their employees have the most expertise in.

In addition, I worked with Talent Management data to assist in workforce planning practices such as succession planning and forecasting emerging leaders’ future positions. Other tasks included an electronic document conversion project, which required comprehensive auditing of physical personnel files using the Self Service application.

What did you learn?

Learning how to navigate through a company’s data warehouse, run analytical reports, and upload information is not something that can be learned in a classroom setting. Through my internship, I was exposed to how a HRIS gathers, stores, and organizes information. Although there are thousands of software and systems used for benefits administration, onboarding, self-service, or training and development, all the programs offer essentially the same tools and process information similarly; therefore, my newly acquired HRIS skills will be invaluable. Learning how to work in a team environment was very rewarding, and I was grateful to be able to actively participate and have my contributions be recognized as those of an equal member.

Advice for Others

I recommend registering for your Career Management course during your junior year because the resume and cover letter assignment and the creation of a “LinkedIn” profile were extremely helpful. This course will help you at the very beginning in conducting a job search, all the way to the final steps of interviewing for a position. If you wait until your last term to take this course, you will miss out on being able to use all of the great resources provided to you.

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