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Beginning September 2020, JWU moves to semesters. Fall runs August 31 - December 18, 2020 | Spring runs January 11 - May 4, 2021. Recruit top talent during the fall semester for May graduates and recruit interns for Fall, Spring, & Summer.

What does the conversion to semesters in Fall, 2020 mean for your recruitment?
To recruit top talent graduating in May, you should plan to post your opportunities in late summer early fall in time for the variety of career fairs that take place. The best opportunities and the best candidates are given offers as early as November.

When recruiting student interns – they will have the opportunity to do a Fall, Spring, or Summer internship. In the semester model, students will have more time with you – 15 weeks. We recommend posting your internship six months in advance to recruit the best talent. If you already work with JWU interns, please note you will still complete a mid-term and final evaluation but the weeks will be adjusted based on the student’s number of weeks available in the semester model.



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