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Our Students Make your Search Easy

Because they represent an exceptional population of professionals with the drive, work experience and career education to make an impact at your company even before they graduate. 


They know your industry.

From their first day at JWU, they’re immersed in your field, working with industry-experienced faculty and a career-focused curriculum targeted to your business. They get advice and an insider's understanding from industry leaders in classroom presentations and workshops, at our career events and through on-campus interviews.


They have the experience you’re looking for.

Every year, more than nearly 3,000 students (a quarter of our student body) do internships. So almost any senior you meet at JWU will have worked at one of our leading industry partners before they graduate. 


They’re professionals, taking advantage of our expertise and career skills training at targeted workshops.

They know what to provide during the interview process, including resumes, portfolios and references, and they embody the professionalism you seek in an employee. 


Most important, they deliver on our promise.

More than 100,000 alumni from 140 countries are making an impact in their field, and leading employers from all industries regularly hire them. 

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How do we know what employers look for?

Simple: We ask them.

We maintain close relationships with over a thousand leading companies worldwide. This allows our industry-experienced faculty and team of career experts to stay ahead of what’s happening in your industry, so our students remain among the most outstanding job candidates for your company.

We know it's essential to stay connected to what’s going on in your industry, so we're involved in national organizations and professional groups to keep our students ahead of the curve as your industry grows and changes. That way, our students remain the best candidates for your company.

Start working with us as an employer partner in ProvidenceNorth MiamiDenver or Charlotte.  



Louryn Hoff, 401-598-1070

North Miami

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Cassie Sams, 303-256-9524


Deborah Langenstein, 980-598-1205

Career Fairs

JWU hosts many career fairs throughout the year, allowing you to gain exposure for your company or organization. Our career-ready students are seeking internship and employment opportunities, and you’ll meet them at events that include:

  • Industry-specific career fairs (such as retail, culinary, hospitality, technology)

  • Internship fairs

  • Smaller boutique career fairs

  • JWU’s large “Career Expo” career fair every spring

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On-Campus Recruitment

We host more than 3,300 on-campus interviews universitywide every year.

This is a great way to meet many qualified students in one place, making your search for employees that much easier.

Guest Speaking

Speak with our students in a class or for a student group.

As an expert in your field, you offer crucial experience and perspective, and our students want to learn from you.

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Industry Panels

Be a part of our dynamic panel discussions on industry-specific topics to share your content expertise. Topics presented to our students have included: The Value of Sustainable Investing, How Technology is Changing the Guest Experience in Hotel, Advancements in Career Opportunities in Health, Wellness, and Nutrition.

Hear what this student has to say about attending the Sustainable Investing Forum

Career Workshops

You can participate in one of our career workshops, where we provide students with the recruitment tools they need to succeed for your business. Topics include

  • Resumes

  • Networking and professionalism

  • Specific industry tips

Want to get involved at JWU? Contact us to set up a partnership.

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Employer In Residence

What better way to build your brand and meet students you may not reach during on-campus recruitment then providing your expertise in house for the day.

We will provide an office space for you, promote your presence on campus where you could provide walk-in students with job search advice, resume critiques, and general information about your organization. 

Working with a paid student intern from Johnson & Wales University is a great way to develop your future talent pool.

Did you know that more than 50% of our students get job offers from their internship sites when they graduate? Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership with JWU.

Our competitive program model provides many options for our students allowing them to select their own sites from a rich index of almost 2,000 internship sites worldwide specifically posted by employers we approve

What do you get? Highly motivated student professionals for your project, seasonal and temporary positions — and the chance to groom a potential employee who has the exact skills and training you want.

Create a Quality Internship 

A quality internship provides our students with first-hand exposure to the practical aspects of your company’s operation. It benefits both you, and our students.

Employer Guide

Internship includes:

  • Clear description of duties (so applicants understand your expectations)

  • Productive and relevant duties

  • Appropriate orientation and training

  • Access to professionals for guidance/mentoring

  • Ongoing, open communication with our team of career experts

  • Conducting mid-term and final student performance evaluations

  • Relevant student conversations regarding internship compensation

When to Host an Internship

Post an internship 3-6 months in advance, so our career experts can ensure that you get the right candidates.

Many companies hire their JWU interns when they graduate.

Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership:

Help your business succeed by hiring JWU’s career-ready talent for part-time or full-time jobs. At JWU, students develop industry-specific knowledge and experience, along with professional skills like leadership, critical thinking, and communication. 

The result? Our graduates have the exact skills and training you need, and they’re ready for employment when they graduate.

JWU students are prepared to make a big impact at your company. Start a successful partnership with JWU graduates: