Working with a paid student intern from Johnson & Wales University is a great way to develop your future talent pool.

Did you know that more than 50% of our students get job offers from their internship sites when they graduate? Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership with JWU.

Our competitive program model provides many options for our students allowing them to select their own sites from a rich index of almost 2,000 internship sites worldwide specifically posted by employers we approve

What do you get? Highly motivated student professionals for your project, seasonal and temporary positions — and the chance to groom a potential employee who has the exact skills and training you want.

Create a Quality Internship 

A quality internship provides our students with first-hand exposure to the practical aspects of your company’s operation. It benefits both you, and our students.

Employer Guide

Internship includes:

  • Clear description of duties (so applicants understand your expectations)

  • Productive and relevant duties

  • Appropriate orientation and training

  • Access to professionals for guidance/mentoring

  • Ongoing, open communication with our team of career experts

  • Conducting mid-term and final student performance evaluations

  • Relevant student conversations regarding internship compensation

When to Host an Internship

Post an internship 3-6 months in advance, so our career experts can ensure that you get the right candidates.

Many companies hire their JWU interns when they graduate.

Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership: