Beginning September 2020, JWU moves to semesters. Fall runs August 31 - December 18, 2020 | Spring runs January 11 - May 4, 2021. Recruit top talent during the fall semester for May graduates and recruit interns for Fall, Spring, & Summer

What does the conversion to semesters in Fall, 2020 mean for your recruitment?
To recruit top talent graduating in May, you should plan to post your opportunities in late summer early fall in time for the variety of career fairs that take place. The best opportunities and the best candidates are given offers as early as November.

When recruiting student interns – they will have the opportunity to do a Fall, Spring, or Summer internship. In the semester model, students will have more time with you – 15 weeks. We recommend posting your internship six months in advance to recruit the best talent. If you already work with JWU interns, please note you will still complete a mid-term and final evaluation but the weeks will be adjusted based on the student’s number of weeks available in the semester model.

Working with a paid student intern from Johnson & Wales University is a great way to develop your future talent pool.

Did you know that more than 50% of our students get job offers from their internship sites when they graduate? Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership with JWU.

Our competitive program model provides many options for our students allowing them to select their own sites from a rich index of almost 2,000 internship sites worldwide specifically posted by employers we approve

What do you get? Highly motivated student professionals for your project, seasonal and temporary positions — and the chance to groom a potential employee who has the exact skills and training you want.

Create a Quality Internship 

A quality internship provides our students with first-hand exposure to the practical aspects of your company’s operation. It benefits both you, and our students.

Employer Guide

Internship includes:

  • Clear description of duties (so applicants understand your expectations)

  • Productive and relevant duties

  • Appropriate orientation and training

  • Access to professionals for guidance/mentoring

  • Ongoing, open communication with our team of career experts

  • Conducting mid-term and final student performance evaluations

  • Relevant student conversations regarding internship compensation

When to Host an Internship

Post an internship 3-6 months in advance, so our career experts can ensure that you get the right candidates.

Many companies hire their JWU interns when they graduate.

Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership: