Career Fairs

JWU hosts many career fairs throughout the year, allowing you to gain exposure for your company or organization. Our career-ready students are seeking internship and employment opportunities, and you’ll meet them at events that include:

  • Industry-specific career fairs (such as retail, culinary, hospitality, technology)

  • Internship fairs

  • Smaller boutique career fairs

  • JWU’s large “Career Expo” career fair every spring

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On-Campus Recruitment

We host more than 3,300 on-campus interviews universitywide every year.

This is a great way to meet many qualified students in one place, making your search for employees that much easier.

Guest Speaking

Speak with our students in a class or for a student group.

As an expert in your field, you offer crucial experience and perspective, and our students want to learn from you.

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Industry Panels

Be a part of our dynamic panel discussions on industry-specific topics to share your content expertise. Topics presented to our students have included: The Value of Sustainable Investing, How Technology is Changing the Guest Experience in Hotel, Advancements in Career Opportunities in Health, Wellness, and Nutrition.

Hear what this student has to say about attending the Sustainable Investing Forum

Career Workshops

You can participate in one of our career workshops, where we provide students with the recruitment tools they need to succeed for your business. Topics include

  • Resumes

  • Networking and professionalism

  • Specific industry tips

Want to get involved at JWU? Contact us to set up a partnership.

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Employer In Residence

What better way to build your brand and meet students you may not reach during on-campus recruitment then providing your expertise in house for the day.

We will provide an office space for you, promote your presence on campus where you could provide walk-in students with job search advice, resume critiques, and general information about your organization.