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Beginning September 2020, JWU moves to semesters. Fall runs August 31 - December 18, 2020 | Spring runs January 11 - May 4, 2021. Recruit top talent during the fall semester for May graduates and recruit interns for Fall, Spring, & Summer.

What does the conversion to semesters in Fall, 2020 mean for your recruitment?
To recruit top talent graduating in May, you should plan to post your opportunities in late summer early fall in time for the variety of career fairs that take place. The best opportunities and the best candidates are given offers as early as November.

When recruiting student interns – they will have the opportunity to do a Fall, Spring, or Summer internship. In the semester model, students will have more time with you – 15 weeks. We recommend posting your internship six months in advance to recruit the best talent. If you already work with JWU interns, please note you will still complete a mid-term and final evaluation but the weeks will be adjusted based on the student’s number of weeks available in the semester model.

Our Students Make your Search Easy

Because they represent an exceptional population of professionals with the drive, work experience and career education to make an impact at your company even before they graduate. 


They know your industry.

From their first day at JWU, they’re immersed in your field, working with industry-experienced faculty and a career-focused curriculum targeted to your business. They get advice and an insider's understanding from industry leaders in classroom presentations and workshops, at our career events and through on-campus interviews.


They have the experience you’re looking for.

Every year, more than nearly 3,000 students (a quarter of our student body) do internships. So almost any senior you meet at JWU will have worked at one of our leading industry partners before they graduate. 


They’re professionals, taking advantage of our expertise and career skills training at targeted workshops.

They know what to provide during the interview process, including resumes, portfolios and references, and they embody the professionalism you seek in an employee. 


Most important, they deliver on our promise.

More than 100,000 alumni from 140 countries are making an impact in their field, and leading employers from all industries regularly hire them. 

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How do we know what employers look for?

Simple: We ask them.

We maintain close relationships with over a thousand leading companies worldwide. This allows our industry-experienced faculty and team of career experts to stay ahead of what’s happening in your industry, so our students remain among the most outstanding job candidates for your company.

We know it's essential to stay connected to what’s going on in your industry, so we're involved in national organizations and professional groups to keep our students ahead of the curve as your industry grows and changes. That way, our students remain the best candidates for your company.