As a JWU faculty member, you play a big role mentoring JWU students toward career success. There are a number of ways we can work together to prepare students for internships, jobs and other networking opportunities in their field of interest.


How Can EE&CS Help Me?

Access these resources in jwuLink:


Meet Employers

At all JWU career events, faculty have VIP access up to 30 minutes before the event to network with top employers and company representatives. To attend, check our upcoming career events.

Email Us about Internships

Formalize your industry connections by setting up a student internship site. We work with you to provide seamless services to students preparing for and participating in internships.

Request a Guest Speaker

Request a Guest Speaker We bring industry professionals into your class or student club to present on a number of professional topics, including current industry trends specific to your course. An EE&CS staff member can also present on career topics, including internships, professionalism and more.


Project-Based Coursework

EE&CS works with faculty to identify project based coursework that is eligible for a DEE (directed experiential ed.) or CEE (course-embedded experiential ed.) attribute. Do you have industry partners that would make a good fit for your DEE/CEE classes, or for your fellow faculty?

Let Us Know


How Can EE&CS Help My Students?


Career Advising

The most successful JWU students meet with us in one-on-one advising sessions at least twice a year. Encourage your students to visit EE&CS

Networking Opportunities

Help your students find internships and jobs at our career fairs, panel discussions and presentations. Remind them to check our upcoming career events.


Internship Preparation

Students need time to polish resumes, search and apply for an internship, and partner with a faculty advisor. Remind your students to apply for an internship two terms in advance.

Job Opportunities 

Point your students to our job listings, that have thousands of internships, part-time work, and full-time jobs just for JWU students, as they start their job search.


Career Management Course

Encourage students to take their Career Management course as juniors. They’ll be more prepared for the internship process and their job search, so they should register for Capstone early.


Use these resume examples  with confidence knowing that they have been vetted by faculty and endorsed by industry professionals. Refer your students to a career advisor for a one-on-one resume critique.


Resume Workshops

Refer students to a resume workshop so they’re ready to interview with employers.

Site Visits for your Class

Contact us to arrange site visits to relevant employers.


Internship Support Fund

Your student's career success starts with a good internship. He or she should choose the best internship opportunity, regardless of whether it's paid or unpaid. We can help — encourage your student to ask about our fund to help with the costs of an unpaid internship.