Your hiring company may require you to take pre-employment tests. These can range from tests of your skills and personality to credit checks, drug screenings and even lie detector tests if you are applying for the federal government.


To ensure success prior to any exam be sure you are:

  • Are well rested
  • Are in a quiet space
  • Have ample time to complete the assessment without any distractions

Customize your response to the role you are applying for e.g.; a management development program will be assessing your leadership abilities vs. your role as a student.

Here are some tests to prepare for:


Demonstration Tests

Some jobs require an interview where you actually demonstrate your skills. For example: Culinary students may demonstrate their skills in a bench test.


Job Shadowing

You may be asked to shadow an employee at the company for a full day. This is like getting a glimpse of a "day in the life" of someone with your target job, and lets your employer see how you interact with co-workers and clients on the job.


Case Interviews

You may be presented with a case and asked to come up with the best solutions for detailed problem scenarios.


Personality Tests

The Jung Typology test is carefully researched and widely used in academic and corporate environments. If you answer carefully, you’ll likely find useful new insight into yourself as you plan your career.


Psychological Interviews

You may be asked to fill out personality inventories, to give your interviewer a sense of your ethics and natural abilities.

For example: Criminal Justice majors will most likely encounter psychological interviews.


Degree Verification Check

Many employers check to ensure that you have graduated. They want to ensure they are hiring quality candidates.

Before you graduate, conduct an exit interview at Academic Services.