We value our “client partners” whose collaboration is vital to our ability to offer hands-on learning experiences for our students.

We are intentional about developing learning experiences that subscribe to the best practices of the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) and best match course learning objectives with the needs and requests of our partnering organizations.

There may be a need within an organization that staff members and active volunteers do not have the time or expertise to complete. From market research for fundraising campaigns to website redesigns, there are certain projects that would increase the effectiveness of your work, but there is no one available to successfully complete the project.

JWU students might be able to help.

Students enrolled in project-based courses are available throughout the year to assist community-based organizations and businesses with project needs.  

There is no cost for student assistance on these projects.


Projects are accepted on a rolling basis.

Your request will be evaluated on the basis of how well it meets student learning objectives and student team availability in a particular term. It will be reviewed and approved by university administrators based on project suitability, number of students enrolled in each class for the upcoming term, and the number of projects already on the wait list. 

Typically, a response will be provided within 2 weeks of submission.

Submission Timeline

Project requests usually need to be received 4-6 months prior to the term in which they will be offered in a course. 

Please note the general academic calendar:

  • Fall Term:  September-November
  • Winter Term:  December-February
  • Spring Term: March-May

Project Duration

As JWU is on an 11-week term schedule, projects are typically 9-11 weeks in duration.

Projects that cannot be completed within one term may be continued into the following term at the organization’s request if there is a suitable course match.   


Organizations should be aware that significant staff commitment on your part is required to ensure project success.

Depending on the type of project, this includes activities such as:

  • Attending an orientation session
  • Attending student team meetings
  • Providing information
  • Sharing feedback in a timely manner
  • Participating in an end of term presentation to assess the student group’s project performance
Date of Appication *
Date of Appication
Main Contact
Please fill out the information of the staff member that will be the main contact for this project.
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Address *
Cell Phone Number *
Cell Phone Number
Main Phone Number *
Main Phone Number
Secondary Contact
Please fill out the information of the staff member that will be the secondary contact for this project. We ask that you provide our students with a secondary contact at the agency in the event that you are not available to meet or consult with the students. This person should be versed on the project and outcomes as well.
Name *
Address *
Cell Phone Number *
Cell Phone Number
About Your Business
Describe your organization and its mission and/or business focus. What services and/or products do you provide? Define your primary target market or customers?
Do you have a plan for your business? If so, has it been formalized yet?
For the full value of the experience to be accessible to both the learner and the organizational partner, it is essential that both be prepared with important background information and information about the context and environment in which the learning experience will take place. If your project is accepted, would you be available to meet with the student group/class periodically throughout the term to provide information about your organization, its mission and/or business focus, and guidance on project progress?
Are you willing to share confidential/proprietary information (if necessary) in order for the students to accomplish these goals? (Students can sign confidentiality agreements.)
We recognize that for a learning experience to be authentic, it must have real world context and be useful and meaningful to your organization. In order to ensure this, please answer the following questions about your proposed project:
Be specific about tasks and areas of responsibility.
How many students and project hours per student would you estimate is needed to complete this project over the course of 10 weeks or 1 term? (e.g. 4 students at 10 hours per week for 10 weeks)
What needs will it meet and/or how will it further your mission/business goals?
What do you hope the students’ final product will be? *
Select as many as applicable:
Preparedness and Preparation *
In order to ensure a successful experience, we need to ensure that students enter the experience with sufficient foundation and skills. Please select the student skills and expertise you believe are essential for completion of this project.
In order for students to process their experiences, test assumptions and hypotheses, put their perceptions in context and maximize academic, professional, personal and civic learning outcomes, the students will engage in reflection activities designed by JWU faculty and staff. Is there any contextual information you would like students to receive or possible misconceptions or issues that might be helpful for facilitators to address with students as they work with your organization and/or clientele?
It is important that there be a feedback loop related to learning and quality objectives and that the structure of the experience be sufficiently flexible to permit change in response to what the feedback suggests. If your project is accepted, will you or another designee be available to answer student questions and give feedback over the course of the term by email and/or phone?
At JWU, we are committed to assessing the learning experience for our students. We ask that community/industry partners join in the student and project evaluation process. If your project is accepted, are you willing to fill out a final evaluation to assess the student project work as well as the project experience as a whole?
It is important to have a culminating presentation to document the project, recognize the learning progress and celebrate learning and impact. Therefore, JWU requires that community/industry partners attend the students’ final presentation to help provide closure and sustainability. If your project is accepted, will you be able to attend a final student presentation on campus at the end of term?
If the project is implemented successfully, are you willing to have it profiled publicly by Johnson & Wales University?
Are there any other areas or information you would like to provide that hasn’t been addressed?
If you are currently working with a JWU faculty member, please include their first and last name.