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Resume Musts

About one in 250 resumes gets read, so you need to get an employers' attention immediately by outlining exactly what you can do for them.

Customize your resume to show employers that you have the skills and experience they're looking for.


Bullet Statements

Resumes need great bullet statements. Build strong bullet statements that qualify the work you performed.

  • Start the bullet statement with an action.

  • In the middle, describe how much, how many, and how often.

  • End the bullet statement with results.

Sample Bullet Points



Many companies use online systems and software to scan through resumes, searching for keywords that match the job description. Use those keywords that apply to your experience to ensure your resume makes the cut.

You'll find keywords in the following places:

  • Job descriptions

  • Company websites

  • Informational interviews

  • Professional associations websites

  • Trade magazines (like Fast Company)

  • Online discussion groups related to your field


EMSI is a resume template building tool you can use to begin building your resume. PLEASE NOTE the template choices related to skills and experience are limited to a specific job function and are provided as an example only. Should you use the template, be sure to customize each of your bullet statements to showcase what you specifically did in your job and customize it to the job you are applying to related to your own experience.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Work with Experiential Education & Career Services on creating your Curriculum Vitae. Here is an article with information to get you started on creating one that you can bring in for a critique.



At JWU, you want to be able to access your resume when employers are on campus.

Keep your resume in multiple formats so you can easily post, copy or email it online, and carry an electronic version on a memory stick (or flash drive).